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24g Pure Protein, Ultra-Filtered European Whey with Added Digestive Enzymes.

Provides 5.5g BCAA and 4.0g Glutamine, which helps in Muscle Growth and Recovery

With Added Digestive Enzyme – Enzyme AG™ to help prevent bloating, GI distress and improves nutrient absorption

Fast-acting and great tasting with instant mixability, no added sugar, banned substance free and no artificial growth hormones.

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1. What is Fast&Up Whey Concentrate?

Fast&Up Whey Concentrate is a premium high quality, clean whey protein concentrate with grass-fed whey sourced from Europe. This protein has undergone the process of ultrafiltration to provide 80% pure protein. Each serving of 32g of Fast&Up Whey Concentrate offers 24g of protein per serving and is ideal for general health, gym professionals, and bodybuilders to build lean muscle mass and endurance during their training.

2. What is Quality Assured Fast&Up Whey Concentrate?

Made with authentic, pure, and genuine whey protein powder concentrate and delivers complete protein with an impressive amino acid profile, consisting of all essential amino acids to promote muscle gain, growth, and recovery. With a mission to provide high-quality and clean nutrition with no compromise on taste or any other aspect, our team spares no effort to achieve nothing less than the best. To ensure clean, premium quality whey with maximum purity, our whey protein is carefully formulated and processed through filtration techniques to filter out everything unwanted like excess fats, carbohydrates, sugar, and other impurities apart.

3. What is different about Fast&Up Whey Concentrate?

Designed for powerful performance, Fast&Up Whey Concentrate protein powder provides premium high-quality grass-fed whey protein from Europe. It is carefully formulated and processed through filtration techniques to filter out everything unwanted like excess fats, carbohydrates, sugar, and other impurities apart.

Each serving of 32g Whey Protein Concentrate powder provides 24g clean protein with 5.5g naturally occurring BCAA (Branched Amino Acids) that helps to fuel muscle recovery and boost muscle protein synthesis to prevent muscle breakdown and 4g Glutamine helps speed up muscle recovery and significantly increases protein synthesis. Available in creamy coffee flavor Concentrate Whey Protein is in natural, clean, and minimally processed form i.e. free from sugars, fast acting, and great tasting, no amino spiking, and banned substance free.

4. How does Fast&Up Whey Concentrate help?

Fast&Up Whey Protein Concentrate aids to provide high-quality protein. It helps to promote muscle growth, accelerate fat loss, repair muscle tissue, reduce tissue damage, maintain muscle mass, and even improve endurance.

5. How to consume Fast&Up Whey Concentrate?

Add 1 scoop in 200-300 ml water or healthy beverage/recipe of choice, shake well to dissolve, and drink for superior performance. It can also be mixed with smoothies, protein pancakes, oatmeal, and other such delicious recipes or with other Fast&Up products as well.

6. Who should opt for Fast&Up Whey Concentrate

  • Those who want to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Those who want to build superior muscle mass, strength, and endurance .
  • Those who want to ensure post-workout recovery.
  • Those who want to develop their protein intake.
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Rich Chocolate, Creamy Coffee


30 servings, 60 servings


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